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King Of Pain no vox !   new!  VOCALS WANTED !!! send your files to m-ort@t-online.de

Sofa (1987) remastered

San Ber'Dino    (1987) remastered

Zoot Allures

Big Country

All The Young Dudes   (1985) remastered 


You Can't Always Get What You Want

Weather With You


Jesus Just Left Chicago

Twin Peaks Theme   ...for all of you Laura Palmer fans....

Twin Peaks Theme No.2   ...another one from Snoqualmie,Wa....



Visiting Joe's Garage '96  (video)  ... inside  Frank Zappa's rehearsing facility. Thanx to Mark Marqueson for his patience...


I am still cleaning up the sonic mess that has piled up after years and years of jamming,playing and rehearsing.

Loads and loads of tapes,DAT's,hard-drives and half-inch-reels wait to be heard....

The Basement Tapes

(or: excerpts from my audio diary)

Dreadlock Holyday  ...corny choirs and sore throats...

Proud Mary   

Is This Love ...another dreadlock intermission... 

I Feel Good  

Jam Snippet ...jammin' with Miska...  

Reachin' Out

Summer In The City

Logical Song

It's Too Late 

I Shot The Sherriff  

I Don't Know

Last Jam With The Boys    ...farewell-jam with my little cover-band...

Sex Machine 

The Joker


Font's Point   ...a ganja-inspired improvisation...roll another one...

Get Up Stand Up (1997)   recorded  with cheap mics and a cheap tape recorder BUT: lotsa'beer-lotsa'fun !!!

Is This Love  (1996)  ....definitely Lo-Fi....don't hurt yourself...